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Here are the questions for the 2023 Individual Income Tax return.


  1. Have you changed jobs since last year 30 June 2022?
  2. What is your job description?
  3. Do you have a daily record of hours worked from home? You do not need a dedicated work area, but you need to have kept a daily record of hours worked when nobody else was using the same area. Please supply the number of hours worked from home 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 for work related purposes, if these conditions applied. You can not do an estimate of the hours worked.
  4. Supply invoices for  purchased furniture or computer equipment that was used for work purposes?
  5. If  you had a separate dedicated work area, what was its floor area as a  percentage compared to the whole home?
  6. What were your total electricity, gas, water and cleaning  costs for the year.
  7. If you used your motor vehicle for business purposes for which you were not reimbursed, supply model, rego and make of car. How many work related km’s did you travel.
  8. Do you have a log book for details of your travel?
  9. Did you pay for airline travel outside of your home city for work purposes?
  10. Do you have a compulsory work uniform? How often did you wash it per week? Is it washed alone or with other clothes?
  11. If you have a non-compulsory work uniform, has your employer registered the design with AusIndustry?
  12. What  percentage did you use a telephone and/or internet for work purposes and  what was the total cost for the year?
  13. Did you buy any tools, books, journals for work? Please send me the invoices.
  14. Did you undertake any self-education courses? Please send me the invoices
  15. Did you make any donations to a deductible gift recipient? Please send the receipts.
  16. Do you have income protection insurance? Please send the annual statement showing the premiums.
  17. Did you make any personal superannuation contributions? If so, please provide the letter from the superfund acknowledging this.
  18. If you have an investment property, please provide the following:
  • Depreciation report
  • Real estate agents annual statement
  • Details of other expenses paid
  • Title deed
  • Bank statements showing the total interest on a mortgage.


19. Did you purchase or sell any shares or other investments? Please supply transaction details.

20. Did you have any crypto-currency transactions? Please send a CSV file of the transactions in any exchanges and wallets. Please note the additional fees as per our website, for analysing these transactions.

21.Please send  details of any foreign income earned.

22. Please supply your BSB and bank account number.

23. If you are a member of a private medical aid, please send me your private medical aid statement.

24. Do you have an invoice from the tax agent who did your last tax return?

25. If you have a spouse, what was the taxable income of your spouse for 2023?

26. How many dependent children did you have at 30 June 2023


You can copy these questions into a word document and respond with as much information as required.


Should you have any questions specific to your situation, contact us at or contact  Accolade Accounting on (08) 6263 4466 or (03)  9524 3145 to get further advice.