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Scams are so prevalent these days, that whenever your phone rings or an email hits your inbox, there is a very good chance someone is trying to fleece you of your hard earned cash. According to the ABS, in 2022, Australians lost $3.1 Billion to scams compared to $2 Billion in 2021. That is a 50% increase in 12 months. These numbers are frightening.

In order to counteract this situation, ASIC has released a list of businesses/websites to be wary of and which is being continuously updated. Click on the Investor Alert List to search any businesses you need to check. Be careful and if in doubt, check the list.

If you see a suspicious website and you think it might be an investment scam report it to Scamwatch.

Should you have any questions specific to your situation, contact us at or contact  Accolade Accounting on (08) 6263 4466 or (03) 9524 3145 to get further advice