About Us


In today’s business world we are all confronted with major challenges in order to develop and maintain a successful business.
You the business owner, know your business better than anyone else. You have the experience and knowledge in how to grow your business and how to operate it effectively and efficiently. You know this because you founded your business, you work and dream about it more than anyone on this planet. Whether you are a plumber, retailer or engineer you are the best at what you do.

The financial environment is used to measure your business performance, and this is where my business comes to help. I have years of experience in measuring and improving business performance¬† and I can assist your business in reaching it’s¬† potential.

Let us, Accolade Accounting provide you with what you need in the way of Accounting, Financial and Taxation management and you will enjoy the Pain Free Accountancy experience.

Together we can grow your business to your desired limit.

Thank You

Neil Kagan