Our Story

Hi, Neil here. I often get asked how I got involved in accounting after working as an engineer. While working  overseas I heard the horrible  news from  back home that really affected me. A relative of mine who owned a small business for many years was being liquidated.I was shocked, how could this be?  Surely a small business accountant could have helped him?

After seeing the pain he was going through all caused by a business failure, I took an oath  to help small business owners so that they would not have to experience what my relative went through.

I qualified as an accountant pursuing my dream of wanting to prevent business failures.

At Accolade Accounting we make Money Matters EASY for your business. We know what to look out for in your business in order to ensure success.

We are different from other accountants because we focus on making money matters easy for you, explain what we are doing to you, educate you in any money matters you do not feel comfortable with.

When you work with us you will not be in the dark with your money matters, actually they will be made EASY for you.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:


Clear to Understand

” Neil has been my accountant since I started my business 3 years ago. He helped me set up my business. Neil makes  the accounting aspects of my business clear to understand, even though it is not my field of expertise I understand much more than I  ever have.” Adrian Voss – Axis Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd


Always Answers my Questions very Quickly

“You are fantastic, you always get back to me straight away, always available to chat with us and give us guidance” Mary Mcguire – Treasurer, Irish Club of WA


Knowlegeable, Friendly and Helpful

“Accolade Accounting has been our tax agent and business adviser for about 5 years. During that time we have found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Often giving advice that shows an insight into our business that is much appreciated by us. At times, when we have had strict time constraints, Accolade, in particular Neil, has stepped in and really gone the extra mile to ensure that we meet our deadlines. We would certainly recommend Accolade to any company or person that requires both taxation and accounting services. Accolade Accounting has been a pleasure to deal with!” – Lindsay Parsons , Australian Marine Lifting

Phone me today on 0421 824 137 for a free discussion about your business and how we can apply our Money Matters Made Easy system to your business.



Neil Kagan