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Q: We have a Small Business. How can you help us that is different from what other accountants offer?

A: Besides from just doing the Income Tax Returns or Bookkeeping we help you improve your business by educating you so that you can achieve your business gaoals.

Q: We cannot find a package of yours that suits our business. Can you tailor a package specifically for us?

A: Every business has it’s own unique requirements, so just like you can adjust the toppings of a plain pizza , we can adjust our basic package to meet your business needs.

Q: Can we pay you a regular monthly retainer so that it is easier on our cash flow?

A: YES we can set up a monthly direct debit.

Q: Do we need to pay separately for Tax Returns over and above Bookkeeping work and Management meetings?

A: YES we charge separately for the Income Tax Returns at tax time.

Q: I see that your marketing is targeted to Small Business, do you do personal tax returns?

A: YES we do. We have many individual taxpayers who do not own a business.

Q: If we already have a bookkeeper, will you just do the Income Tax return?

A: Yes we can simply do the Income Tax return and as a bonus will also give you free basic tax advice.

Q: I would like to only have Management meetings with you to improve my Cash Flow, Do you offer this?

A: YES we do offer Management Improvement meetings without any of the other services.

Q: Do you charge extra for Tax advice if you do my tax return?

A: If the advice is of a basic nature then no, but if we need to undertake some research of the taxation law, then we would quote you separately for this.

Q: When you do the Bookkeeping and the Tax Return for me, would you charge extra if I need some other major work done like a valuation or due diligence report?

A: YES We would quote you separately for work done outside of the original scope.