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Hi there, Neil here.

I often get asked how I got involved in accounting after working as an engineer. While working overseas I heard the horrible news from back home that a relative of mine, who owned a small business for many years, was being liquidated. I was shocked, how could this be?  Surely an accountant could have helped him?

After seeing the pain he went through, all caused by a business failure, I took it upon myself to help as many small business owners as I could, so that they would not have to experience what my relative went through.

I qualified as an accountant, pursuing my dream of wanting to achieve this.

At Accolade Accounting we focus on educating you so that you can improve your business and tax situation and achieve your business and financial goals. You do not want to be part of the statistics of business failures in Australia.

As a non-business owner, you will also have financial dreams which we can help you with, by making sure that you have the best tax situation possible. You will achieve this by learning from the informal education we provide.

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Vision and Values

Our vision is to serve small business owners and make their lives easier. We do this with following approach:

Business is like a game of football. You are the captain of your team and we are one of the players on your team. We communicate with you while the game is going on, so we can help you take action steps to win the game.  After the final whistle has blown the results are presented by the score keeper (The tax accountant) to the authorities.

The result is now final and there is nothing you can do to change it.  If you didn’t achieve your desired outcome, you will get another chance to improve in  the next game.(the next financial year)

So not only do we present the score, submit your tax returns to the authorities, we work with you to improve your business and achieve your targets.

The Values we live by at all times are:

Respect – We admire what you do
Truthfulness – Always deal with the facts
Caring – We are part of your team
No B.S. – Focus on what matters
Easy – Keep it Simple
B+ – One’s thoughts affect one’s actions
Humour – Laughing is the best medicine


Want to feel better about your business?