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BAS Services

If you do not need to be registered for gst then we will help you improve your business so that you grow and fall above the turnover threshold for registration. We will submit your statutory returns on time all the time and advise you of improvements you can make to your business after we have submitted the returns.


Bookkeeping Services

In order to be able to improve your business you need to measure it. You can only do that if you record it. We will share with you the latest and greatest in automation specifically for your business so that you have free time to focus on what you enjoy.. Whether it is using Xero as the basic cloud package to various options for achieving fast payment and analysising performance. We will assist you all the way.


Business Advice

The more  knowledgeable you are  about small business the  more power and freedom you have to make correct decisions. So we encourage you to ask us questions. Education is a massive part of life as well as your business and we encourage you to learn as much as you can so that you will have a successful business long into the future.


Business Start-Up

Congratulations you have decided to take a massive step to creating something beautiful.

We can guide you through the maze of what you need to run a successful business , and assist you on a journey of creativity. That is what you need . lots of creativity in order to be successful. That is you the small business owner and we will help you with all the business advice you will need to improve and grow your business. We will assist  you on your step by step journey focusing on the cash flow within it.


Tax Planning

The structure that you operate your business from is critical to your success and future wealth creation. We will advice you as to what is best for you. We plan for you continuously as we work with you during the year so that you achieve the best result possible.


Taxation Services

The only time you as a small business owner will not pay taxes is if you make a loss and who wants not make profit. We will help you minimise the amount of tax that you need to pay and also educate you and answer your tax related questions, so that you achieve the best outcome.

If you are an individual who has investments, we will assist you with reducing the amount of tax you need to pay.