Price is important but you should not be making your buying decision based purely on price. You should compare the price to  the Value you receive from us.  Before you buy from us we would like to build a relationship with you and hopefully then you will ask us to help you with your Money Matters for your Small Business. We only want to work with those people that Value what we do. So if you are not happy with our service, then that means we are not delivering you Value and we will refund your money.

As your  business is different to anybody else’s we will offer you a bespoke package that suits your needs. With us there is no such thing as one price fits all.

Below are some sample packages to simply give you some idea of pricing. Remember the Value we give you is much more than what you pay.




This package is suited to business owners who are thinking of starting a business.

Cost –    $890 

Additional fees        – Company ASIC set up fee $479

                                    – Trust set up fee $340    

                                  – Accounting license fees, most popular package is $50 per month

What will I get:

A report detailing the following:

What are the pros and cons for me of the different business structures?

What type of business structure is best suited to me ?

We will set up this structure and register it for all the necessary statutory registrations like payg and gst.

We will advise you as to the most appropriate  bookkeeping system for your business and set this up for you.

Bonus Offer – We will set up your first budget for 12 months and explain how you should be using it.


This package is suited to business owners who want to grow their business and want to have accurate accounting information available in real time.

Bookkeeping and BAS completion – from $450 to $700 per month.

If added to above, financial management meeting based on “Show Me the Money” philosophy – only $180 per meeting.

Income Tax return completion – $700 to     $ 4 900     Bonus Offer– Value of return over $2 300 – a free “Show Me the Money” financial analysis meeting.

Quarterly BAS returns only with no bookkeeping  – from $820 per quarter

Quarterly financial management meeting – $490 per meeting

Included in the above is free telephone and email advice to any simple questions during the year. 


This package is suited to larger  businesses with over $4 M turnover who want to grow their business and want to have accurate accounting information available in real time.

Includes supervision of bookkeeping, BAS submission and Income tax return completion plus Monthly Analysis meetings based on “Show Me the Money” philosophy.

Cost –    $2 900 per month

All prices are excluding gst.