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Hello from Accolade Accounting, the small business accounting experts  in Perth and also the experts in working with  Xero.

Let’s continue to look at another fantastic feature of Xero that provides additional efficiency to the accounting and small business world.

In the times of BC X (Before Cloud Xero), it was very difficult for the business owner to compile an accurate cash flow in real time. There was just so much information to take into account and to consolidate all of this was a nightmare and to do this on a regular basis was almost impossible.

Now AC X( After Cloud Xero) this has all changed.  Xero has so many reports that enable easy consolidation of critical cash flow aspects of a small business that all business owners now have the ability to work with very accurate cash flow information and organise this in very little time.

Cash flow is the oxygen of a business, and with Xero it has now become possible to have additional oxygen tanks connected to every small business.

Accolade Accounting are the small business cash flow experts in Perth so give us a call on 0421 824 137 to get your cash flow up to speed.

Until next time… Keep Xeroing