Four Essential Duties of a Perth based Financial Controller

A Perth financial controller is the head accountant in large organisations. Depending on the size of the organisation, the financial controller will either be employed directly for the organisation or outsourced to an accountant firm such as ourselves. The outsourcing option will dramatically reduce your costs.  The role can vary from being a financial visionary to working hands on in management.

Accounting: Perth financial controllers need to have the skills necessary to ensure all accounting duties are appropriately and diligently completed and documented as required by law. The Financial controller may also control functions such as accounts payable, receivable, payroll, disbursements and payroll.
Controls: Financial controllers have the responsibility to control the internal accounting and financial procedures. Reviewing and approving invoices to be paid and collection on invoices from unpaid accounts. The Financial controller is the person who approves a credit account application and determines the credit limit the customer will have on a trading account. Other duties include liaising with external Accountants and Auditors.
Reporting: Financial controller’s skills are called upon by management executives in most organisation for reporting and reviewing of financial data for the management team to be able to accurately make in conjunction with the controller, financial strategic decisions about the organisation. Being able to produce reports such as financial statements, cash flow reports and balance sheets are all essential skills of a Perth Financial Controller.
Analysis: Not only can a good financial controller produce good quality reports, he or she must be able to provide an interpretation and analysis of these reports and articulate these to his or her client. A good financial controller is usually very good at producing complex spreadsheets to enable analysis at an in depth level which help to provide expert financial perspective and opinions.
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